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When a mobile phone becomes a solution for the protection of the lone worker

VigieApp® is a lone worker safety application for phone running on iOS and Android. This system makes it easy to ensure the safety and security of lone workers. It can be suitable for employees working from home or travelling outside the company. Once installed on an employee's phone, the application VigieApp®, can transmit up to 8 different types of alarms on the NEOVIGIE platform. Freed from any constraint, your employees will be able to carry out their missions in complete safety, reassured to know that they have an alert system in case of a problem in accordance with the requirements of the following articles L230-2 and L4121-1 of the French Labour Code and all the regulations for lone workers.

Secure mode

The application has a secure mode which can be modified by a specific configuration to increase the level of protection.

Positive security

The NEOVIGIE platform constantly monitors the status of the smartphone. In case of loss of connection, an alarm is automatically triggered.

Lifeline alarm

The lifeline allows a countdown timer to be started, at the end of which an alarm will be triggered if there is no user action. This function is very practical for the management of dead zones.

Outdoor GPS location

The Neovigie app transmits the GPS position of the user to localize him in the case of an emergency and assist him.

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Manual alarm

A single button, extremely easy to access can be used to trigger a manual alarm.

Fall alarm

An ultra-efficient algorithm, using the data provided by the phone sensors, enables the fall detection of the user.

Absence of movement

The application can detect the absence of movement of the phone after a configurable period.

Indoor Bluetooth location

The user can be located in buildings using Bluetooth location beacons.

Compatible lone worker application
iOS & Android

VigieApp® is an app compatible with most phones running iOS and Android.

Simple and customizable lone worker application

Each user can have their own settings. Thanks to the SaaS software architecture, the new parameters are immediately taken into account by the terminals that use it.

Web Portal - VigieControl®

The web portal VigieControl® allows easy access to all the services of the NEOVIGIE platform: visualization of the users at a glance, location of lone workers in difficulty, settings of alarms for each user or for a group of users, definition of alarm process to apply in case of emergency.

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Security - Respect for users

Our solution complies with the recommendations of the General Security Reference System (RGS) of the National French security agency to ensure data protection against cyber-attacks

Our lone workers safety devices are designed with user privacy in mind: only the information necessary for the safety of your employees is stored and the position of people is only visible in the event of an alarm.

This guarantee of protection of personal data encourages greater use of lone workers safety solutions and allows a better level of security for the whole company and its lone workers. In accordance with the GDPR, the NEOVIGIE solution has been subject to a data protection impact analysis, AIPD. A Data Protection Officer, DPO, has also been appointed to monitor compliance with the Regulation.

The NEOVIGIE solution is compliant with Regulation 2016/679, the so-called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

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